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Disclaimer: All current blog posts are written for Organizational Culture class as part of the Design MBA at California College of the Arts. I am a current second year student eager to learn about Design Strategy and Business Management. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out!

Who am I?
In this blog, I write about culture work as seen from the lens of a freelancer, who has spent most of her career trying to build her business from the bottom up. A young yet well prepared professional who spent her early years working corporate jobs to learn the in and outs of business. A woman finding her way around companies, offices, education and side jobs to be able to create her dream job.
As a freelancer who is growing into a small business owner, I am intrigued by culture and how our personal experience affects the way we work with and around people. I am fascinated by culture, language and diversity and how these factors affect the way we relate to one another. I am passionate about collaboration and believe deeply that people who take on positions that they enjoy, execute wildly better than those who do not.
I give you the perspective of an outsider who continues to search for her place as a designer who is interested in business and has worked in vastly different industries. This blog shows the process of trying, failing and trying again to find a place that allows for experimentation, dynamism, collaboration and mostly, the possibility to help others find their place too.
ESTA - Values
1. Fail, again and again.
Through failure we find what works. Try and fail and don't be afraid, success is around the corner.
2. Rely on others.
You are surrounded by great minds, explore them, think with them and bounce ideas off each other. Collaborate.
3. Question. Question absolutely everything.
Not because its done does it mean it is perfect. Question what exists and improve on what you can.
4. Learn from insights.
They know better and so, believe them. Insights are at the forefront of our designs. Observe, question, learn, understand.
5. Explore without boundaries.
What is new? What can we implement? What can be improved? Explore every corner of every decision that is being made.
Establishment Labs - Obituary
Purpose: To innovate on women's health to provide an improved experience for women worldwide.
Establishment Labs (NASDAQ: ESTA) was known as the first company in Costa Rica to go public on a U.S. Exchange. A company of innovators which was born as a startup and dream to a group of friends, ESTA will long be remember for its innovative products and its passionate professionals. 
ESTA lead many professionals through a path of experimentation, creation and development that changed the way breast implants were design and produced. They redefined the experience of purchasing, selling and relating to implants and created new possibilities for their customers. The breast implant industry was changed to focus on women's health and to empower women to take charge. ESTA brought to light the importance of women taking part in their own health and seeking professionals to help them in the process.
ESTA's legacy is seen worldwide in women empowerment in decision making. This company introduced women to a new way of managing their health in which they had control over every part of the process and enabled a change in the industry at large. ESTA marked a turning point in women's health reducing issues for women by simply encouraging them to take charge. 
After numerous scandals related to unsafe production of implants, ESTA set a clear path that helped to revolutionize the industry of implants by implementing high quality safety and innovation standards. Through D2C sales, constant product redesign and ample brand presence, ESTA will long be remembered as a leader in the industry.
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